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Making Ox Eye Daisy Salve

making Ox Eye Daisy Salve


I took a relaxing walk around the field earlier this week to collect a few Daisies. I like to wait for the morning dew to go before picking and flower or vegetable and before the heat of the day. It was a challenge because by 9am the temp was pushing 85 and it was humid…But I managed ok.

This will sit safely infusing in Sunflower oil for a few weeks on the windowsill soaking up the warm sunshine. I give the jar a shake every now and then.

ox eye daisy salve in the making

I love using salve made from the daisies, it helps with fungal skin conditions as well as an antiseptic for open wounds and sores, bruising and ulcers. I should warn that some that are allergic to ragweed, marigolds, calendula and other related plants probably shouldn’t try this.

I should have this our Jewelweed, Healing, Lavender and Sweet Sleep salves back in our Etsy shop very soon. 

daisies infusing in sunflower oil

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