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Brown Sugar Cranberry Chutney Botanical Perfume Oil {A Limited Edition}

Brown Sugar Cranberry Chutney Roll On Botanical Perfume Oil

Brown Sugar Cranberry Chutney Roll On Botanical Perfume Oil

Today marks the start of the Autumn season although it has felt like Fall for a few weeks around here. The garden is winding down and the pantry shelves are again full of jars from the harvest.

Brown Sugar Cranberry Fig Botanical Perfume Oil by Lizzy Lane Farm

Autumn brings for me a time of winding down of sorts, gone are the long hot days full of summer activity and in come the routine of getting ready to hunker down for the long cold winter. Autumn is a time of sugar, spice, of baking and preserving so why not enjoy and reflect a bit of Autumn cheer in your daily fragrance oil?

This year’s Autumn/Fall line up is dedicated to the things that represent fall their activities and scents. I would like to introduce you to our first Fall botanical scent, Brown Sugar Cranberry Chutney. True to its name it has the scent you might imagine Cranberry Chutney to have, warm comforting brown sugar, sweet simmered cranberries, thick dark molasses, fresh squeezed orange juice, orange zest, cinnamon sticks, cloves and a dash of nutmeg. A delightful base known as chutney for all means of harvest & holiday baking, roasting and enjoying. This is not the scent of tart cranberries this one is surprisingly sweet, fruity with a slight hint of spices.

a beautiful bottle for a beautiful perfume oil

A beautiful bottle for a beautiful perfume oil.

I am very pleases about the unique and very pretty glass bottles with their welcome roller ball, they have an attached closable lid to keep it secure and tidy. They nicely hold a generous amount of delight and are 1/3 ounce by volume.

I did not compromise on the quality of the ingredients, a proprietary blend of organic Coconut oil, fresh dried herbs and fragrances make this Fall scent unique from all others. I love Coconut oil for roll on perfumes because it absorbs into your skin quickly. It doesn’t sit on top of your skin to be a greasy mess like so many of them can and this skin loving oil holds the scents well.

A bit about botanical perfumes, they have a softer scent and are perfect for reapplying every so often. Missing is the strong slap you in the face smells of alcohol and vapors one must muddle through before the true scent is enjoyed. Gone is the overpowering scent, botanical oils are meant to be worn close to the body and soul and not shared with others unless you want to. A fragrance blend that is all your own as it blends and mixes with your own body chemistry, its the botanicals infusing in the oils that allows this wonderful joy to happen.

Brown Sugar Cranberry Chutney Botanical perfume oil from Lizzy Lane Farm

If you are considering our Cranberry Chutney perfume oil for yourself or as a gift you are in luck, this limited edition perfume oil will arrive safely to your home nestled in a perfectly filled bag of fresh dried botanicals to hug your bottle safely. First sight and opening this treasure always makes me smile even before I get to smell the perfume. This is just a happy gift for yourself or someone you love.

Beautiful packaging for a beautiful limited edition perfume oil

Beautiful packaging is just as much fun as the perfume oil itself. For yourself or someone you love.

{The details}

Available for a limited time in our Etsy shop. $18 plus shipping. .33 oz. by volume and comes tucked in an organza bag full of dried botanicals. Shipping is just $4 for all US and APO addresses and $14.25 for most other addresses.

beautiful botanicals for a beautiful perfume oil

organic botanicals infusing and pretty to look at. A nice reminder this is a natural perfume just for you.

Fragrant organic botanicals infusing in our personal perfume oil.

Fragrant organic botanicals infusing in our personal perfume oil.
Brown Sugar Cranberry Chutney is for Fall/Winter delight.

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