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It’s Pickle Time. Filling The Pantry


pickle spice available at Lizzy Lane Farm Botanicals on Etsy

Pickle Spices

We lost every single last tomato from our garden this year due to my stupid decision to plant non-certified potato seed. Very heart breaking since I loved and babied 40+ tomato plants since February so I would have plenty for the pantry.  Our potatoes and tomatoes came down with Late Blight and every last tomato rotted on the vine, what a gross, sad mess to clean up.

I was lucky in that my sister had plenty green tomatoes to share so I broke out my Grandmother’s piccalilli recipe and went to work.

Piccallili ready to put into jars and process

Also since I put in a late planting of cucumbers that are at the peak of production right now I am also making a few more batches of pickles. This is handy and I will do it again because the canning rush at the height of the growing season is over and I’m not so rushed in getting these done.

To save a little time, I have pre blended a large batch of the pickle spices and they are offered to help save you a step in your pantry filling tasks this season.

Whole Clove in glass Jars from our Etsy Farm Store


New Spice Jars at This one is Dill Seed

A new and growing line of fresh dried spices in glass spice jars in the Farm Store at Etsy.

I don’t really have a set recipe for these pickles since I never know how many cucumber I will have. What I do is wash, peal, slice the cucumbers then pack them into clean pint jars. Next I count the number of jars I have filled and place enough white vinegar into my large stock pot with 1/3 being water. Bring this to a boil with a bit of sugar and pre-mixed spices. Then adjust by adding more spices or sugar until they taste just right. I boil a bit longer and cover the cukes in the jar, seal and process. I tell you this because it’s how I do it, not an approved method I’m sure.

Our own farm house blend– A good all-around pickling spice blend for general pickling and marinating, they are a tasty blend of Coriander, Dill, Mustard, Bay, Cassia, Red Pepper, and Allspice.

I also would like to mention our new line of fresh dried spices in our Etsy shop. All are available in these beautiful and refillable glass (air tight) jars or in bulk to fill your pantry.

our new line of fresh dried spices in beautiful glass jars

Part of our new and growing line of fresh dried spices. Available in these beautiful glass spice jars or in bulk to fill your pantry.

So how is your pickle making going this year? Tried any new recipes?

Another New Record For Us

Some natural soap for samples in the mold.

We are continuing to add a sample product to each and every order that is placed. The past few months have been some of our more popular herbs to help introduce everyone to them.

The next few months I would love to reintroduce you to our Natural soap line that has recently been expanded to over 30 scents. The old favorites such as lavender, Rosemary and Blackberry and Sage are still here.

Our Farm House soap bars have a nice rich lather with loads of bubbles, a treat to use in the shower. Made with natural, skin loving ingredients Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Vegetable Glycerin (kosher), Purified Spring Water, Sodium Hydroxide (saponifying agent), Sorbitol (a moisturizer), Sorbitan oleate (emulsifier, helps everything blend together), Soy Bean oil, Skin safe fragrance oils or pure essential oils. Some depending on the bar have natural pigments for color. By natural I mean herbs, spices, oxides, pigments or clays.

Cranberry and Fig natural soap with Cranberry seeds.
We offer two styles our smaller 4 ounce bars are going to be colorful and contain a bit of unique ingredients and they come wrapped in a clear wrapper so you can see their beauty. Some contain skin safe fragrance oils and some are pure essential oils.

The others are colorants free and contain skin safe fragrances. These are larger 5.5-6 ounce bars and will come packaged in our natural cotton bags.

Farm house soap ready for gift giving. eco friendly packaging

our farm house natural soap are huge bars. 5-6 ounces of skin loving ingredients

New Soap Packaging is here…

a usefull gift long after the soap is gone


And already out to door to a few of this weeks’ customers. Packaging for our Farm House soap has bothered me since the beginning and has gone through a few changes. I think I am happy with this for the moment.



Farm house soap ready for gift giving. eco friendly packaging

Each bar of our natural soap is tucked inside a 100% natural cotton bag with a drawstring. Why?…well these bags are so useful and I think while soap itself is very good for your skin, smells nice and all that great stuff. I believe in reusing packaging, good packaging in this day and age is hard to come by. Most is peeled off and tossed in the dump!


I wanted a gift is useful, a gift whether for yourself or for someone else should last a bit longer than a bar of soap. These bags can hold all sort of things from buttons you are saving to sending it to the barn to hold small nuts and bolts. Everyone can find a use for them. How great is that.


our farm house natural soap are huge bars. 5-6 ounces of skin loving ingredients

Each bar of our Farm House Soap is hand poured into these classic molds and weigh between 5-6 ounces. Full of skin loving ingredients and are colorants free. Some depending on the scent are scented with pure plant oils and some with skin safe paraben free fragrance oils.


A hint for you our soap, any soap will last much longer if allowed to air dry between uses and not sit in a puddle of water.


natural soap in natural packaging


As you can see the hang tag for the scent is still a work in progress and I will be asking your opinion of your favorite style very soon.


And a reminder our Christmas in July sale is still going on from now until the end of the month. It’s a great time to grab these with their new packaging. We have expanded our selection of scents to over 25 now, there is one you are going to like.

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