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Full Guide: 25 Gifts under $30 Mom Will Love

Full Guide: 25 Gifts under $30 Mom Will Love

gifts for mom

A new and delightful collection of natural and organic goodies for Mom’s bath, body & home. Ready to shop? Follow the handy links below to our Etsy shop. And for being such a sweet child- remember to use the coupon code, FREESHIPPING too.

All our orders are nicely packed, it’s always a treat to open one of our packages!

Be kind to the environment! Over 15 styles and sizes to choose from. One of the largest collections to choose from. Options include vintage and modern jars, foreign jars and one of a kinds. Pick a pump, soap pump or the foaming pump, pick the lid style and color to create her own sink jewel.

Add a bit of country charm to her garden, patio & walkways. With several styles available you are sure to find the perfect one. All solar lights come complete with the Mason jars, choose from our vintage, colored and modern selections.

Add charm where everywhere she hangs them. Many sizes and styles to pick from.

Perfect for small hanging tea lights, potpourri or flowers. Many sizes and styles to pick from.

Give Mom this lid and let her use her favorite Mason Jar to create her own mason jar soap dispenser.

Organic perfumes that transform to her own personal chemistry for a one of a kind scent. Beautiful dried herbs will further customize the scent. They are handy to tuck in a pocket too.

Tuck these cuties into your dresser drawers, seasonal clothing for storage and tuck under your pillow. Complete with refresher oils. Offering lavender, a herbal blend and many fragrant rose blends.

GMO, Talc & Cornstarch free. Over 45 scents to choose from or let her design her own. Fun packaging options from simple refillable shaker bottles, compact travel tins, to complete gift sets with covered dishes and handmade dusting puffs.

Static be gone! And welcome a fresh lavender scent…naturally without chemicals or artificial fragrances. We have cute single gift sets and set of 3.

Farm House Style- those big chunky block you remember from Grandma’s house. This isn’t her harsh lye soap but loaded with skin loving gentle oils in over 45 scents and many shapes and sizes, you are sure to find the perfect one. Some are nicely tucked in a cotton muslin bag ready for gift giving.

Pure, simple and ready to please. These bars feature moisturizing 100% pure Olive oil.

Farm House Butter Soaps ® from Lizzy Lane Farm are an exceptional, uplifting & joyful experience every single time! An exclusive blend of natural fruit butters and oil make an indulgent butter soap for everyday use.

Scrub away the dirt with our skin loving scrubbing soap loaded with fresh dried herbs. The cute glass jar is perfect for the garden shed or the kitchen sink.

A set of farm fresh soaps and dusting powders. You are sure to find one just right.

Yummy, bubbly whipped and silky smooth soap with a touch of organic sugar for a gently scrub. Use these in the shower with a bath puff and watch the scented bubbles explode, at the kitchen sink to scrub away the grime.

Pure shea butter soap crafted with fresh dried botanicals, each a work of art to be enjoyed.

For the Mom who likes to make her own things. Organic, wild harvested, fresh dried herbs. Lavender buds, roses, nettle, chamomile, calendula to name a few. Perfect for sachets, tea, potpourri.

Super Blue, Cooking/culinary grade and a lovely crafting grade, there is one to please. For potpourri, cooking, crafting and sharing.

This lovely blend leaves out the harsh artificial scents and freshens carpets, naturally. Thought I would include this just in case, but I doubt Mom wants a gift to put her to work…but then again she may appreciate it being all natural and better for her home. Gift sets include cute refillable glass jars with a shaker top.

A lovely aromatic blend of fresh dried herbs ready to brighten up any room. Several to pick from.

Soak the day and the troubles away. Natural soaking salts with a touch of botanicals. Cute on display in handy glass cork top tubes!

Solid rounds of skin loving shea butter and other oils to pamper her dry skin.

Soothe that troubles skin with fresh dried healing herbs infused in a delicate salve.

Pure, organic plant essential oils for the Mom who loves aromatherapy, crafting and making her own beauty products.

Fresh dried herbs infused in pure natural olive oil to help with skin troubles.

And one for thought:

Organic Dream Pillows:

Organic muslin pouches with a custom blend of fresh dried herbs known to aid in sleep and good dreams.

mothers day gift ideas

A Spring Sugar Scrub- Pink Grapefruit {A How To}

grapefruit sugar scrub_edited-1

It’s time for me to think about spring- our spring offerings in the shop and our Etsy shop. Our new scents and colors have arrived and given me a bit of inspiration.

Scents like maple sugar, ginger, grapefruit, lemon verbena and coconut; new colors named valentine red, baby boy blue, mango, pink punch have me dreaming of far away vacation destinations.

But for now a quick simple sugar scrub recipe to tide me over, thought I would share it with you.

Grapefruit Sugar Scrub

1/2 cup white sugar

1/2 cup raw sugar

up to 1/4 cup Sweet Almond oil

3-4 drops Grapefruit essential oil

1 drop of food coloring or drop of raspberry juice, beet juice or other natural colorant

2-3 drops of  vitamin E (optional)

Directions:  Mix the sugars together and slowly add the almond oil until you reach the consistency you like.  I like my scrubs less oily so I use a little less than a 1/4 cup.  Add Grapefruit essential oil, food coloring and vitamin E.  Mix well and store in an airtight container.  Good for up to 3 months if kept clean to avoid bacteria. One easy way is to scoop out your sugar scrub with a clean spoon vs your fingers.

To use:  Rub a little bit of the scrub on your body or between your hands with a little bit of water.  Rinse with warm water to remove excess oils.  It will give your skin a nice exfoliation and leave your skin feeling soft and smooth and smelling fresh and clean.  Great for use in the shower or bath before bed time.

Be sure to stop on over our Etsy shop for the latest offerings and use our limited time coupon code FREESHIPPING

The Making of the Perfect Dusting Body Powder



the making of a perfect body powder

Lots and lots of questions lately about our natural body powder. So think of this as a faq and a few tips type of post. Our body powder is something my family uses every single day and most days many times a day in the summer. It keeps us cooler and drier, helps absorb odors and is silky smooth and smells terrific too. I also use it to freshen sneakers, for a quick dry hair wash on the days I don’t want to shampoo my hair.

sample sized bags of body bath powder

This is not a new recipe around here and I actually have been using it since my now almost 35 son was a baby. I have used it for many years on the elderly with great success and the animals every so often.

I only use the purest, organic ingredients I can find, and I am always on the hunt and trying new suppliers. This goes on and stays on me and my families skin so it HAS to be safe- this powder could be eaten if you wanted to but I don’t suggest that you do.

a pretty pressed glass powder dish full or herbal dusting powder 

I start with my trusty recipe of organic arrowroot, tapioca, 2 types of clays, and rice, all very fine silky smooth and double sifted. This is where our two lines separate. We offer our HERBAL BLEND Line and our FRAGRANCE line of natural body powders.

.Glass powder jar with bulk organic body powder

The herbal blend dusting powder then has freshly dried and finely ground herbs of lavender, calendula and chamomile blended into them as well as the plant oils. That’s it nothing artificial in our herbal blend powder. Available the following ways.

Herbal blend – incorporates calendula, chamomile and lavender and has a lovely lavender scent

Lavender blend– incorporates lavender and its essential oils, it also has a lavender scent.

Unscented – Is the same calendula, chamomile and lavender blend but without the added lavender essence. The scent is if the natural ingredients…pure and simple.

Lizzy Babies– our line of ultra effective and gently baby products. We have powder that features a single herb and plenty of other choices too.

 herbal dusting powder organic lavender

Our Fragrance Body Powders are the same base recipe but without the added herbs and all of these are scented with skin safe fragrance oils. Now in over 45 different scents. Fragrance oil is not a plant oil, it is synthetic and manmade, I use these for scents not found in nature and for when the plant essence is well beyond practical means of production, can not be extracted from the plant and pricing.

 refillable metal powder shakers

The Sizes offered in bulk. 4 oz. 8 oz. and 1 pound (16 oz.) all will arrive to you in a pretty organza bag in which you will find your powder in food safe plastic bags. With the 1 pound bulk bags your powder is in 2 8 ounce bags, one to use now and one to keep fresh for later or sharing. Each has a pretty hang tag with a full ingredient list and your scent choice.

Our shakers and powder dishes…oh’ how I  ♥ them all…

  • our 6 ounce refillable aluminum powder shakers are so pretty and environmentally practical, they feature a slip off cap to refill your shaker when needed. They also have the perfect sized holes and a slip lid to close it securely.
  • There are also our glass and stainless shakers that hold about 6 ounces of fresh powder. They too are refillable and have your choice of several size holes to shake the amount you need. The slip lid closes the cap.
  • Then there is our stainless steel travel size shake that holds about 1.5 ounces, is also refillable and has your choice of hole sizes and is closable too.
  • Pretty pressed glass covered powder dishes hold as much or as little powder as you would like.
  • Our sleek black metal powder tins hold 4 ounces of body powder, and include a disc to help distribute the powder so you can apply a perfect amount of powder with the included handmade cotton powder puff. Each powder puff I make one at a time, they are machine washable and fit our containers perfectly.
  • Last but not least is our Elite Ball jars. These hold 4 ounces of body powder; are refillable and come with a homemade cotton dusting puff. Reusable for not only powder but all types of things and if you can’t use it I bet you know someone who is a home canner and they would love the jar.


handmade one at a time cotton dusting powder puffs


A few tips:

  • Store you fresh body powder in an air tight container in a cool dry place. The bathroom cupboard is not it. Transferring it to a glass container will help it stay fresh longer.
  • Use within 6 months as this contains no preservatives
  • Keep your body powder covered to retain its scent and freshness.
  • The easiest way to transfer our bulk powders is to use a pair of scissors to snip off the pointy end of the plastic bag and it will flow out the bag into your container. If you cut is small enough you don’t even need a funnel to fill the shaker bottles.
  • FREE is the way to be… All our bath powders are GMO free, talc free, cornstarch free, colorant free, preservative free. They are cloth diaper safe, safe for children, the elderly and your pets. If using on a pet double check you are using our UNSCENTED powder. Some essential oils are not safe for cats and dogs.

 And as always I am only a click away to answer any other questions you may have. I am always happy to put up a listing for you so your order is exactly the way you want it.

Here are few links for you to our Etsy shop while I work on the listing at our Summer Kitchen shop.


Herbal blend powders in all containers, and quantities.

Our Fragrance blended powders.

Our master list of fragrances




fragrant natural body dusting powder sleek black travel tin

It’s Harvest Time {and how I hated grubby hands}

its harvest time on the farm


I hope you all had a fun filled holiday weekend! Mine was a whirl wind of harvesting from the garden, cleaning it up a bit, putting part of it to rest for the fall and lots of canning in the kitchen. I’m pooped out but very satisfied with the results.

Daisy and I had some fun play time and a bit of reviewing the US map and naming all the states and their capitals. Maps, drawing, scissors and a garden tea party…it was a perfect  quiet time with her.


canned beans


I pulled most of the bush beans over the weekend they were mostly done and I didn’t want to save any of the seeds. I bought my seeds from a rather trust worthy Northern New England supplies this year as I have done for the past 10 years or so. This time the seeds that grew were not the variety marked on the package- I love the Provider. The same variety I always plant for their reliability and taste. What ever they were they are yummy and canned very well, just not what I know and love. To enjoy them and buy new seeds next year is all I can do.


a tomato in our garden


After all that dirty garden work I needed to can those green beans and several buckets of tomatoes & yellow squash. My hands were a mess and I scrubbed with every sort of “guy shop soap” I could find around here…still had grime and my hands were dry and tight feeling. This simply would not do! I went to work and pulled out an old salt scrub recipe, a bunch of my recently dried herbs and had fun playing around.


herbal salt scrub the perfect thing to clean garden grime off your hands

Now isn’t that much prettier and nicer looking than “guy shop goo” for hand cleaning. It’s better for my skin and smells better too…

The toasted vanilla scented salt hand scrub was just the thing I needed. A yummy vanilla scent blended with hard working pink Himalayan sea salt, one of the purest salts on the earth, skin loving organic oils, unrefined honey and a good amount of castile soap for deep cleaning.

I had a small stash of these pretty glass apothecary  jars just waiting for the perfect time to shine. This gardener’s scrub fit nicely and is easy to scoop out right at the sink. Each jar holds 7.5 ounces perfectly. The Gardener’s Hand Scrub is all wrapped and ready for gift giving even if its for yourself, because after all that hard work you deserve a nice treat. I know I did and it put me in a better mood to tackle the canning marathon that was next on my list over the weekend. How can you not smile at clean hands and toasted marshmallow, using herbs and being kind to your skin?


organic herbal salt hand scrub.

There are a limited number of jars available in our Summer Kitchen shop. I am not going to offer these on Etsy or our Facebook page so stop on over and grab yours before they are gone.

I would love to hear about your weekend and garden adventures. Did you do any gardening or canning over the weekend?

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