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What a day it has been…

white sage soap bar at Etsy topped with calendulaSummer is always so full of activity around here. Mostly with work to be done around here. While the day started out with work it ended with pure heaven.

We were up bright and early to drive over an hour to pick up 10 Narragansett turkeys we will be raising this summer to add to our breeding stock. They are a heritage breed and on the endangered list.



We stopped at one of our favorite local restaurants on the way and had a great mealĀ of sausage and gravy on biscuits with over easy eggs. I must say while super yummy the eggs were flat and tasteless comparedĀ to the organic ones we are accustomed to from our own organic fed hens.white sage natural soap topped with organic calendula

Next up was a trip over to the local old home day horse pulling. I had a great time and a chance to catch up with old friends from the horse word and neighbors.

Then we were off to a party for dear friends who are moving out of state. Met up with many friends there and had a great visit as well.

Then home to do evening chores and a shower with this I pulled from our soap stash….

white sage natural soap all wrapped and ready for gift giving

WHITE SAGE topped with organic Calendula. It has a bright crisp scent that not only I love but the guys like and appreciate it as well. The bars are nice over sized chunks that roll nicely in your hand if you know what I mean. They are heavily scented and last a good long time. Each bar is $5.50 and weigh around 4 ounces each. They all are close but since they are had cut the weight varies a bit.

You can pick up your own bar of White Sage Soap in our Etsy shop.

Don’t forget the coupon code FREESHIPPING and I will pay the shipping for you.

Just the little pick me up to move on to a load of laundry and to pack the cooler for out trip tomorrow up North to spend the day at the Fiddler’s Contest. Always an enjoyable day to hang out, listen to some great local and Canadian fiddlers, a bit of blue grass, a picnic and relax.


So what do you have planned this weekend?

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