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Yarrow, Growing it using it… and ♥ it

fresh cut yarrow

A few weeks ago I hinted about the great love I have for the Yarrow in my garden. Daisy and I finished up a new batch of the salve and it’s now ready in our Etys shop and our Farm Store. She is now old enough to help with this and her job is to carefully measure out all the ingredients, and put the labels on the tins when ready. With supervision she helps stir the hot melted salve too.


yarrow salve

Yarrow is an herb that I always seem to come back to in times of troubled skin. Not only do I love salve but also Macerated oils {infused yarrow oil}, for their ease of use and quick benefits of the herb.

As an anti-inflammatory this herb is Queen! Inflamed joints & varicose veins I love the oil best, rubbed on the trouble spots. When rubbed on varicose veins & bruises it provides relief and hopefully healing of the stagnant blood vessel.  You can also pour the Macerated oil into hot bath water and soak your legs, it also helps with hemorrhoids.

yarrow salve in weck jar

Yarrow also is tops when it comes to quickly stopping bleeding. nose bleeds, clean shallow cuts (paper or knife cuts), scrapes. A word of caution here don’t use Yarrow on dirty cuts and scrapes (road rash), it will heal fast and trap the dirt and bacterial. For these Plantain is a better choice. Also don’t use Yarrow if you are pregnant or nursing.

  • bug bites- will stop the pain and itch
  • stretch marks
  • stop/slow bleeding
  • inflamed joints
  • bee stings
  • bruises
  • rashes
  • lice
  • bruised swollen feet

growing Yarrow is easy

Yarrow grows in many places both in our gardens and fields around the farm. When given the chance I will move it to grow in the herb garden. Found in fields, along side the roads, bees love it and I do too. Growing it doesn’t take any care at all actually, except a drink of water when it’s very dry and hasn’t rained in weeks. It seems to love neglect and poor dirt the best. I cut it mid morning after the dew has dried and hang it in small bunches in the barn to dry for several weeks. then cut and sift it and into the Blue Ball jars for storage.


I haven’t offered our Macerated oil {infused yarrow oil} in either of our shop yet, but that will change soon. I am finishing up the labels and it will be available in 1 ounce glass amber bottles. I love the oils over the salve for massage, soaking legs, feet, ect.

Do you grow or use Yarrow, what is your favorite way to use it?

Making Ox Eye Daisy Salve

making Ox Eye Daisy Salve


I took a relaxing walk around the field earlier this week to collect a few Daisies. I like to wait for the morning dew to go before picking and flower or vegetable and before the heat of the day. It was a challenge because by 9am the temp was pushing 85 and it was humid…But I managed ok.

This will sit safely infusing in Sunflower oil for a few weeks on the windowsill soaking up the warm sunshine. I give the jar a shake every now and then.

ox eye daisy salve in the making

I love using salve made from the daisies, it helps with fungal skin conditions as well as an antiseptic for open wounds and sores, bruising and ulcers. I should warn that some that are allergic to ragweed, marigolds, calendula and other related plants probably shouldn’t try this.

I should have this our Jewelweed, Healing, Lavender and Sweet Sleep salves back in our Etsy shop very soon. 

daisies infusing in sunflower oil

A few good changes over at Etsy…

Hi everyone,

Etsy is in an uproar just now over some new policy changes on the way listings are worded. The new policies say an item can not make or imply and medical claims to either treat or cure an illness.

This for some of our items we carry will be hard, but not impossible to do. Top on my mind is our healing salves. I am in the process of working on the listing descriptions so they meet the new rules.

I will probably get lashed with a wet noodle over saying this but I think this is a great change and a positive bold step forward for Etsy. I have seen MANY items claiming to cure all sorts of things there and from what I know about some of the ingredients listed and the claims being made. I know the item will not do what the claims say they will.

So with this in mind you will see our labels and descriptions changing. They will be the same great formulas you know and use just a new look.

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