It’s Harvest Time {and how I hated grubby hands}

its harvest time on the farm


I hope you all had a fun filled holiday weekend! Mine was a whirl wind of harvesting from the garden, cleaning it up a bit, putting part of it to rest for the fall and lots of canning in the kitchen. I’m pooped out but very satisfied with the results.

Daisy and I had some fun play time and a bit of reviewing the US map and naming all the states and their capitals. Maps, drawing, scissors and a garden tea party…it was a perfect  quiet time with her.


canned beans


I pulled most of the bush beans over the weekend they were mostly done and I didn’t want to save any of the seeds. I bought my seeds from a rather trust worthy Northern New England supplies this year as I have done for the past 10 years or so. This time the seeds that grew were not the variety marked on the package- I love the Provider. The same variety I always plant for their reliability and taste. What ever they were they are yummy and canned very well, just not what I know and love. To enjoy them and buy new seeds next year is all I can do.


a tomato in our garden


After all that dirty garden work I needed to can those green beans and several buckets of tomatoes & yellow squash. My hands were a mess and I scrubbed with every sort of “guy shop soap” I could find around here…still had grime and my hands were dry and tight feeling. This simply would not do! I went to work and pulled out an old salt scrub recipe, a bunch of my recently dried herbs and had fun playing around.


herbal salt scrub the perfect thing to clean garden grime off your hands

Now isn’t that much prettier and nicer looking than “guy shop goo” for hand cleaning. It’s better for my skin and smells better too…

The toasted vanilla scented salt hand scrub was just the thing I needed. A yummy vanilla scent blended with hard working pink Himalayan sea salt, one of the purest salts on the earth, skin loving organic oils, unrefined honey and a good amount of castile soap for deep cleaning.

I had a small stash of these pretty glass apothecary  jars just waiting for the perfect time to shine. This gardener’s scrub fit nicely and is easy to scoop out right at the sink. Each jar holds 7.5 ounces perfectly. The Gardener’s Hand Scrub is all wrapped and ready for gift giving even if its for yourself, because after all that hard work you deserve a nice treat. I know I did and it put me in a better mood to tackle the canning marathon that was next on my list over the weekend. How can you not smile at clean hands and toasted marshmallow, using herbs and being kind to your skin?


organic herbal salt hand scrub.

There are a limited number of jars available in our Summer Kitchen shop. I am not going to offer these on Etsy or our Facebook page so stop on over and grab yours before they are gone.

I would love to hear about your weekend and garden adventures. Did you do any gardening or canning over the weekend?

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