Using Canning Jars Every Day

new green Ball mason jar soap dispenser

New limited edition Ball Mason jar soap dispenser available in our Etsy shop.

With the new release of Balls Anniversary Edition jars hitting the shelves I have had several questions about them. They are a pretty vintage looking green this year and are available in the pint and quart size. So exciting, my canning pantry is going to be so colorful this fall! I saved 8 cases of each for my own pantry.

Seeing that I have a “canning budget” every year and I had not planned on purchasing so many new jars this year my remaining is pretty slim. I’ll have to be creative when it comes to other unthought-of of needs this season. 🙂 I am up for the challenge!

Using them to carry food for lunch is a great way to be earth friendly and avoid using plastic in your daily life. I like the pint jars for carrying liquids in such as fruit juice, milk, iced tea.

I love to store dried herbs in our blue vintage style jars. The original zinc lids and a new rubber seal still work great for this purpose.



  • One question was if these jars worked well for transporting soup. My answer is YES! While the jars are made from tempered glass and are very sturdy, but sudden temperature changes can crack them. I like to fill them with the hottest tap water and let them warm up a bit before adding boiling hot liquids. You do this anyway when canning-warm the jars before adding boiling ingredients.


  • Do I use them every day? Again YES. I love the wide mouth jars for this. I have 15-20 jars that are just for day to day use and not for canning. I marked the bottom with red nail polish to identify them. Everyday use will add stress, small scratches etc.. to the jars and they are more likely to break when pressure canning with them. This is also the reason when emptying our jars used for canning I use wooden or a rubber spoon to get every last drop from the jar. (NO metal knives in the jelly jars…please is often heard coming from my lips)


  • Do you reuse the lid section of the 2-piece lids. The answer is YES and NO. Yes, to seal a jar for leftovers in fridge, freezer, dry goods. No for pressure or waterbath canning.


  • Will I be offering our mason jar soap dispensers in the new green this year? YES, we are working on getting them photographed as quickly as we can in the mean time feel free to request a special listing for them from our Etsy shop.

If you have more questions I am always happy to answer them or help you find an answer. Contact me through Etsy or at

blue american heritage jar at lizzy lane farm

blue Ball American Heritage Mason jars.


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  1. It i so great to have you back posting again K! Love looking in my inbox and see Lizzy Lane again!

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