Featured This Month: German Chamomile

dried chamomile tops

Fresh dried Chamomile flower tops & a favorite vintage Ball jar.

Chamomile is one of my favorite herbs to grow and use. I am particularly fond of the German variety. It is such a useful and happy herb, it will grow just about any place I decide to put it in our garden, and it pops up in random places it seems to like too.

One of my favorite way to use Chamomile is in tea. My directions are easy because that’s the way I like things sometimes, it shouldn’t take a lot of brain power to make a cup of tea.


Farm House Chamomile Tea

1 large pinch of Chamomile

1 small pinch of Spearmint

1 small pinch of Lemon Balm


Place in an infuser of your choice. I like either the small muslin bags or a metal infuser ball. Place in cup and add hot but not boiling water. Let steep for 5-7 minutes and remove herbs. Add honey to taste if desired. This simple recipe is great just before bed and the children if sweetened a bit love it too. It is cooling and relaxing.


Another way I love this herb is in an herbal bath, either blended with another herb such as lavender, Calendula, rose or peppermint or just plain Chamomile. You can either toss it into the warm running bath water loose or place it in a small muslin bag and allow the herb to soak that way. With a muslin bag you can squeeze the herbal water out of it directly onto you skin. When you are done with your bath remove the spent herbs from the muslin bag and toss in the compost. Let your muslin bag dry until ready to use again.

Karyn’s Chamomile Herbal Bath BlendChamomile

2 parts Chamomile

1 part lavender buds

1 part rose buds and petals

1 part Calendula

Combine herbs and use in your bath.  A part is what ever amount you decide on, a handful, a pinch, a cup it doesn’t matter.


Storing Chamomile

I like to store my dried chamomile in some of my vintage glass Ball Mason jars. This herb because it is fresh dried needs to be stored in a cool dark place in an air tight container. It will remain fresh for several months.


fresh dried Chamomile tea

Fresh dried Chamomile flower tops

How do you like to use Chamomile?


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