American Heritage Ball Perfect Mason Soap Dispensers



blue american heritage jar at lizzy lane farm basket of american heritage jars

The jars are a brilliant blue, a different color than the antique perfect mason jars and I LOVE the bright color. The color is the color of the glass and not a glaze or paint. Truly a nice color to fit in with many homes and always the farm house.

Our soap pumps will dispense 2cc of your choice of liquid with each pump. They work lovely for dish or hand soap and I hear they are also working well to dispense botanical massage oils. Ours are made from metal and are not a plastic coated with metal, they handsomely stand up to many years of dependable use.

The jars are truly a limited edition in that when Ball completes their run fairly soon they will be done making them so when they are gone they will be gone, except maybe from those whom (like me) have stashed several cases of them away…

The American Heritage Soap Dispensers are available from our Etsy shop. And very soon in our own website,

Our offerings:

 $35.00 plus $8.95 shipping your choice of lid and pump. 

For those of you starting your shopping for a special Mom…use coupon code MOTHERSDAY for 10% off your order.

American Heritage Pint Ball Soap Dispenser with silver pump and original 2 piece silver lids.

the original 2 piece silver cap with a brushed silver pump.

blue ball heritage jar soap dispenser

american heritage jar soap dispenser from Lizzy Lane Farm



American Heritage Pint Ball Soap Dispenser with brush bronze pump and our reproduction black lids.

american heritage soap dispenser with black lid and a silver soap pump

american heritage limited editon ball jar soap dispenser with black lid and silver pump





American Heritage Pint Ball Soap Dispenser with brushed silver pump and our reproduction white washed lids

new ball soap dispenser jars with white washed lids from lizzy lane farm



American Heritage Pint Ball Soap Dispenser with brushed silver pump and our reproduction zinc (galvanized) lids.

zink galvanized top with silver pump. new american heritage soap dispensers from lizzy lane farm



In case you need just the pump or just the jar…  you can find them too in our Etsy shop.

just the lid and soap pump for your own mason jar.  DIY



make your own mason jar soap dispenser


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