A few good changes over at Etsy…

Hi everyone,

Etsy is in an uproar just now over some new policy changes on the way listings are worded. The new policies say an item can not make or imply and medical claims to either treat or cure an illness.

This for some of our items we carry will be hard, but not impossible to do. Top on my mind is our healing salves. I am in the process of working on the listing descriptions so they meet the new rules.

I will probably get lashed with a wet noodle over saying this but I think this is a great change and a positive bold step forward for Etsy. I have seen MANY items claiming to cure all sorts of things there and from what I know about some of the ingredients listed and the claims being made. I know the item will not do what the claims say they will.

So with this in mind you will see our labels and descriptions changing. They will be the same great formulas you know and use just a new look.

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